1. Product Updates (July)

    New Feature
    Bug Fix
    Product Updates

    Hello everyone! 🀟🏻

    We have had a busy month behind us. We would like to share some important news and improvements with you.

    - As a new payment provider, PayTR integration has been completed. πŸ–₯

    - As a new payment provider, BirlesikOdeme integration has been completed. πŸ–₯

    - Added variant feature for products. πŸŽ€

    - Import/Export feature has been added so that you can quickly import your products with excel/csv. πŸš›

    - Our GDPR compliance processes have started. πŸ›‘

    - We have been accepted to ITU Γ‡ekirdek Incubation Center. πŸš€

    - We applied for a new accelerator program.

    - We shared 4 pieces of Turkish and 2 pieces of English content on our blog page. πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ

    - 16 new stores opened on our platform and started selling. πŸ›’

    Each month, we send out a changelog to all of our users so they are always up-to-date with the latest news about us.

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    Team Shopiroller


  2. Announcement #1

    Hey everyone! 🀟🏻

    We had a good time during the closed beta process. In the process, we received good feedback and learned a lot.

    1000+ product people from 10+ countries already experienced our private beta 🌎 We are starting a new era in which we will continue to learn.