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Hello everyone! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

We would like to share some important news and improvements with you. πŸŽ€

Let's take a closer look at April πŸ‘€

  • The feature of receiving payment with ShopiPay has been activated.
  • Guest shopping feature has been activated.
  • Panel / 'Refund' button was not visible on timeline, this error has been fixed.
  • Panel / There was an alphabetical ordering error in the variants, it has been fixed.
  • Panel / Planned product remained inactive when it was supposed to be active when the time came.
  • Panel / The channel the order came from cannot be displayed. Fixed.
  • Panel / Although the order could not be placed, it was shown as 'pending approval' on the panel, it has been fixed.
  • Panel / When changing the location of the variants, there is no change in mobile.
  • Panel / Other payment methods are closed. An error is received when PayTR is open.
  • Panel / Slider bugs have been improved.
  • ShopiLink / Stripe payment gateway has been activated.
  • Web / Logo and Favicon definition error has been fixed.
  • Web / Combinations of variants that are not on the detail pages are not displayed.
  • Web / When a product with a variant is entered, that variant is selected and other variants are displayed.

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Team Shopiroller